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Links to sites I recommend

Bertrams Seite

The site of a good friend and photographer


Here  you can help to fight hunger on earth just with a click on your mouse. It works, it's proved and you don't have to pay anything


Here you can have to save rainforests.


Jalbum - the software I used to create my galleries – better than everything you can buy.


Browser if you're fed up with slow working shit you can buy for a lot of money.

open source

Direct way to software from opensource.


It's free, there may be some mistakes, but it's good and even getting better everyday


Again a free software – this time for all officethings.

couchsurfing great idea: if you've got some spare room, you can offer it to travelers - if you're traveling, you can find free places to sleep - me: erik-n

my blog, but it's in German, sorry for that

Istanbul  and    Turkey ..... 


Mymerhaba - Site for  expatriats in Turkey, in English, French and  German

Aysens Homepage

Best (german) site about Turkey -  you can find lots of historical, social, personal and economical information here.


Marions site, very good made with good information about different themes.


Great site showing computersimulated, how Istanbul looked about  the 12th. century.

Weather in Istanbul

Weather in Istanbul if you want to have a tea with me and don't know what to wear.

Fahrpläne Schnellboote

Fast ferrys over the bosphorus.

Fahrpläne Fähren

Sometimes I just cross the bosphorus to have this special feeling like having a short holliday to forgett all the stress you've got in dayly life.


Interesting information about antik places in Istanbul (and on the main-page about the whole antik world)

Virtual Ani

A site about Ani, an old city destroyed some hundred years before but remaining one of the most interesting places I've ever seen



Photoforum to show your pics and diskuss them - good stuff to be found there.

Erik at Fotocommunity

My account at fotocommunity - some of the pictures you can find here, some are different.


photographer from Swiss

Charitos Seite

just have a look - she's an photograph-artist, never before I've seen that good pictures made from photographs.

Paesaggio Italiano

Leonardo Bellotti's site with interesting pictures from Italy


PhotoLinks - The Photography Network

Photodirektory - you can fiind good sites there

Photography Directory - Links to Photography Websites

Photodirektory - you can fiind good sites there

Photography Sites

Photodirektory - you can fiind good sites there

Total Photography

Searchable, categorized international directory of photographers. photography-related sites, resources and products.

Stuff of special interest

Erbeben der letzten Zeit

A list of all the earthquakes of the last weeks - you will see lots of earthquakes you never heard of . But they're real, everyday, even in countrys like Germany. And the more small ones there are, the less really big ones will occure.

Map Collection

You need maps? You'll find them.

Monitorcallibration Testseite

If you've got the feeling, that green is blue on your monitor and red is yellow or if you can not see any letters here, it's time to callibrate your monitor, this site will help you.