Law and Order

26.02.2011, now online   shortcut for Pictures of a Revolution  Pictures from the Egyptian Revolution

actual picturesactual pictures
Hier sollte das Vorschaubild für die Galerie aus mysteriösen deutschen Wäldern zu sehen seinA short story from the wild hills of Northern Hesse

Vorschaubild house arthouse art – gallery in Cairo, actual exhibition

Preview for gallery steps steps: shoes and theyr surroundings 
pictures from the streets in Istanbul, in Turkey, in the rest of the worldpeople - street photography
Galerie mit zufälligen Straßenportraitsrandom streetpictures Bilder aus Istanbul - der Stadt auf zwei KontinentenIstanbul - One city on two continents Vorschaubild Pictures of my first exhibition
Vorschaubild für die Galerie mit Bildern aus ÄgyptenEgypt - pictures from some thousand years
Biologie was yesterday, today Erik is cloningBiologie was yesterday, today Erik is cloning - new galery with pictures of his clones,
Thump for the gallerie with pictures from the way to Santiago Pictures from my Way to Santiago
mosques, churches and synagoges
Galerie mit unterschiedlichsten Fahrzeugenmobility - more than just cars
rGalerie aus dem Westen der Türkei Pergamon, Assos, Canakkale  and more
In dieser Galerie finden sich Photos aus Schaufensternworlds in shop displays Bilder von Friedhöfen aus 3 Jahrtausendencemeteries of different religions and times
Turkey  - pictures from different citys, landscapes, .. Bilder von Menschen Arm in Arm und Hand in HandArm in Arm and  Hand in Hand Boote und Schiffe und was man sonst noch auf dem Wasser schwimmend finden, ships and other things on and in wate Vorschaubild für die Galerie Graffiti Grafitti

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Welcome on my homepage. 
Here you'll find not that much more but photos. And you'll find lots of them from different places, showing people, places, things I like, things, I don't like ....
To see them you've just to click onto the thumbs. After clicking, new windows will open showing the choosen gallery.
The most of the galleries are acctualized in random times - whenever I've got new pictures and the time for uploades.
After more than three years I've learned in the meantime that  this page never will be finished - there's just not enaugh time to show all the pictrures I'm taking, all the interesting things and places - but I try to be actual as good as it is possible.
Of course I've got the original pictures somewhere on  my harddisk. When you're interested to use them or to have one printed out, just ask.
If you've got questions about my work, about some pictures or anything else feel free to contact me: just send an email to erik-n @ (without blank spaces).